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11 Instagram Story Tricks to WOW Your Followers

They’re short, fun, and to the point. You can use them to advertise anything, share travel moments or make dinner plans through a poll. Instagram stories have taken the world by storm and even if you think you’re a pro, there’s no limit to perfection. Here comes your chance to up your Stories game!

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Make a collage without using external apps 0:24
Add Pin stickers, emojis, and GIFs to your videos 1:41
Use portrait mode right in your Stories 2:21
Share videos from other sources 2:49
Make your Emojis glow 3:17
Play with the magic eraser 3:55
Make a pop-up card 4:26
Let everyone know about your new post in a fancy way 4:57
Hide your hashtags 5:31
Add more than one question sticker to your Story 6:06
Create rainbow or gradient captions 6:50

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– You can add as many pictures as you like, but this isn’t where the collage story ends. Search the web for fun images or icons you want to add to your collage, save them to you Camera Roll and add them just like you did with photos.
– The trick to making elements appear at the right moment is simple: record a video or add a saved one to your Stories. Pick a sticker, emoji, or whatever element you want to add to it. Tap and hold it until you see a slider bar at the bottom pop up.
– The portrait mode in Stories is called Focus. You can find it swiping through the different modes at the bottom of the screen. Now focus on your subject, and the rest will be blurred in the best traditions of DSLR cameras.
– Enable “Screen Recording” in your phone’s Control Center, and you’ll be able to record whatever’s playing on your phone. And once you have the video in your Library, you can easily share it in Stories.
– Why don’t you add some glow to your Emojis to make them stand out? To do that, simply open the Text tool in your Stories and pick the Neon font.
– Take a photo in Stories or choose one from your Library, then open the Pen tool, pick any color you like and tap and hold on the screen to fill it all with one color. Now, pick the Eraser tool and draw whatever you want on your image.
– Open the profile you want to share a post from. Pick the photo you like, tap and hold it. Once everything else but the picture becomes blurred, make a screen shot and share it in your Stories.
– Hashtags in Stories can look quite annoying. So add up to 10 hashtags to your Story and then make them way smaller than they originally were.
– Question stickers sure add interactivity to the Instagram world. People use them to ask for opinions, recommendations, and what not.
– Open Stories, take a random picture or choose one from your library, type your message, then tap on it and pick “Select All” to define what you’ll be working with. Now, in the color palette that pops up, press and hold on any color you like.

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