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13 Famous Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

Anyone who’s ever watched a magic show might find themselves really convinced that these people studied at Hogwarts! But do you know that there’s nothing magical about illusion? Except how it makes you feel! It’s kind of fun to experience that “wow” sensation!

It almost always leaves us wondering: “How did he do that?” Because as exciting as magic can be, it gets a bit frustrating trying to figure it out. But even the most head-spinning tricks can easily be explained. So let’s ease your pain by revealing the secrets behind 13 common tricks. Next time you see one of these tricks, you’ll know exactly what’s going on behind all the smoke and mirrors!

Torn Bill 0:24
Disappearing Glass 1:13
The Signed Card 1:48
Make $100 from $1 2:26
Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat 3:07
The Human Zigzag 3:58
Michael Jackson’s Gravity-Defying Lean 4:29
Going Through a Mirror 5:04
Breaking out of Handcuffs 5:36
Getting Free of Chains Underwater 6:14
The Saw Trick 7:08
Linking Rings 7:48
Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty 8:20

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– #1. This trick is done using a special “gimmick” that slides on to the eraser-end of the pencil. It should be the same color so that it blends in perfectly.
– #2. The handkerchief has a hidden wiry ring that creates an illusion that there’s a glass under it. As for the glass itself, the magician already slid it into a secret hole in the table!
– #3. The illusionist hides a folded card in his sleeve beforehand, replaces it with the viewer’s at the right moment, and then rips it up.
– #4. As you display the $1 bill while keeping that 100 concealed, you slyly slide it over until it’s hidden behind the top left corner of the dollar.
– #5. While the illusionist shows the audience that the hat is absolutely empty, the rabbit is hidden under the table. The hardest part is getting the rabbit from the bag and into the hat without the audience noticing!
– #6. The success of this trick depends on the assistant’s flexibility.
– #7. The secret was in his shoes the whole time! They had holes in the heels that attached to little metal pegs in the floor. The shoes also had a sturdy support frame that came up on his legs quite high.
– #8. The construction allows his assistant to move the mirror aside and replace it with the 2 panels so that he can crawl through.
– #9. Houdini studied all kinds of locks his whole life and had an encyclopedic knowledge of handcuffs. He could guess which key would open this or that type of cuffs at first glance.
– #10. The chamber’s special design was key for this trick. Since his body was displacing some water, it created an air pocket in the tank. Secondly, Houdini’s unmatched skills also played their role.
– #11. What you can’t see as you try to peek at the show through your fingers is that those feet aren’t actually hers! There’s a second assistant underneath that box, and her feet are sticking out.
– #12. It really is just smooth sleight-of-hand because there’s a tiny gap in one of the rings – he’s just sure to keep it hidden under his hand.
– #13. After the curtain goes up in the beginning, the platform is slowly turned until the Statue is out of the audience’s line of vision.

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