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18 Psychological Tips to Win in Every Situation

There are some psychological tips that work on a subconscious level. They help you win another person’s trust, get somebody’s approval, and relax when you are stressed. You don’t need any advanced techniques. Using psychological tricks correctly can make you look more attractive to others and will allow you to achieve your goals.

“Why does she look at me like that?” “The boss called, I’m so scared.” “The party is tomorrow, I’m so afraid of meeting new people.” Emotions can complicate your life, and keep you from getting what you really want, so here are some psychological tips to help you always keep the situation under control.

Control yourself 👈
Count up to 100 0:31
Breathe in and out 1:09
Pay attention to your body 1:32
Change the topic of conversation 2:04
Get distracted 2:38
Meditate 3:08
Look at things from another angle 3:25
Remember your best 3:56
Reschedule stress 4:25
Control the situation 👈
Be empathetic 4:49
Make use of names 5:15
Disagree positively 5:37
Bring gifts 6:04
Provide illusion of control 6:14
Be confident 6:44
Follow the 10-minute rule 7:08
Ask for more 7:35
Smile 8:02

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