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20 Common Habits of All Successful People

They say “fake it till you make it.” This motto can be applied to so many different things in our lives, whether it’s building self-confidence, creating a positive mindset, or mastering different skills. It can also be applied to your lifestyle.

Every millionaire found their own way to earn money and reach success, however, if we compare the habits of rich people to our own, it’s easy to see they have something in common. So how about to try to implement some of these habits into your life and see what happens?

Written plans 0:21
Reading books 0:43
Reading People 1:12
Keeping Style Simple 1:40
Using Public Transport 2:07
Making Birthday Calls 2:40
Choosing Friends Wisely 3:12
Listening More, Talking Less 3:35
Meditating 4:00
Leading a Healthy Lifestyle 4:26
Spending Wisely 5:03
Saying “No” 5:44
Long Lunches 6:24
Taking Risks 6:49
Giving Back 7:13
Controlling Emotions 7:36
Having a Goal 8:00
Prioritizing Tasks 8:24
Staying Productive 8:55
Not Rushing to Retire 9:32

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– There’s something about writing down your to-do list that seems to equal a homerun. But you have to be specific about it!
– Another great way to stimulate the ol’ thinker is with books. They develop your vocabulary, imagination, and even problem-solving skills.
– Rich people know how to earn someone’s trust, convince others, and avoid being manipulated. They stand up straight, maintain eye contact, and overall ooze confidence.
– Seems random, I know, but there’s a statistic out there that 80% of wealthy people call loved ones on their birthday.
– Socializing with success-oriented individuals puts you in the right mindset, keeps you constantly striving to do better.
– In general, rich people spend 5 minutes listening for each minute they speak.
– Stress blocks your brain, and you’ll need a clear sharp mind if you’re wanting to follow in the footsteps of the most successful people out there. Meditation can help clear up that mental fog!
– The successful folk eat less junk food and try to stay pretty active.
– Truly successful people can say “no” in any situation that calls for it.
– A long, relaxing midday lunch allows you to refresh yourself and return to work ready to put in much more productive energy!
– They understand that risks lead to rewards, so they’re more willing to go out on a limb—because that’s where the sweetest fruit is!
– Charity and philanthropy are hallmarks of the wealthy.
– The truly successful understand that good relationships are a crucial foundation for financial well-being. Hurting or offending people can obviously sever those ties.
– Seems like a weird thought, but if you’re doing what you love, you won’t ever want to stop. So, yes, if you can make a living from your passion, then you’re without a doubt on the road to personal success!

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