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27 Random Facts You Haven’t Heard a Million Times

Something that never gets boring is knowing random facts, as long as they are interesting of course! If you’ve been looking for some nice ice-breakers or just fun conversation starters, arm yourself with these cool, unbelievable, and very interesting facts.

For instance, if you stare into a fox’s eyes, the only thing you’ll notice will be its vertical pupils. Look at the sheep’s eyes, and horizontal pupils will stare back at you! And that’s not the only paradox the world has for us! Check out these facts about the world! They can make you sound knowledgeable in conversations with others.

3-year-old Mayor 0:22
Non-stop ironing 1:08
How to cool your brain 1:52
Boston Typewriter Orchestra 2:08
Why did Z get removed from the alphabet? 3:02
Lethologica 3:48
Animals with unique eyes 4:17
Blond zebras 5:57
ManhattAnt 6:46
Toothpaste color codes 8:06
Is jellyfish a fish? 8:56
Flying backward 9:20

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