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Backfire by Axminster (Official Lyric Video)

Backfire is the 2nd single off the Axminster’s EP “Bada Boom!” This is the “official” lyric video for the song.

This is our “we told you so” song…
Backfire is a cautionary tale of the perils of repeating insanity. Doing that same thing over and over…looking for a different result.
That been there, done that thing.

Axminster is a hard rock band from Boston, MA in the USA. The EP “Bada Boom” punches out songs with a dagger-between-the-teeth, tongue-in-cheek backbone. With a bit of swagger and lot of fun, “Bada Boom!”, is honest rock n’ roll, packed with a windows-down & volume-up allegiance to bands like Aerosmith, SWEET, Montrose Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter and Deep Purple.

The song is off Axminster’s EP “Bada Boom!” The EP was mixed by Grammy Award Winning Engineer/Producer Bob St. John (Extreme, Dokken, Collective Soul, Duran Duran) and mastered by Adam Matza for Magic Ears Mastering (Steven Tyler, Nuno Bettencourt, Mary J Blige)

Steve Sera – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Benny Fiorentino – Lead Guitars
Danny Callan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Xanon Xicay – Drums

Copyright 2023 Smash Records

#hardrock, #rockband, #newmusic

She’s a teaser, livin’ easy. I learned my lesson on the first try.
Take notice, guns are loaded
She’s the kind to love em’ leave em’ on a high wire.

If you want it. Got to give it.
Full attention, she’s like candy.
Reputation, I’m speculating.
You’ve been told but your gonna taste it anyway.

Nothing left to say, you know it’s gonna backfire.
Get out all the way, before its gonna backfire.

The attraction, for piece-a action. It ain’t worth it past the first time.
She’s a user, so when you lose her.
Don’t be saying that I never, ever dropped a dime.

If you stay for more, you know its gonna backfire.
Only fools are sure, and I’m sure its gonna backfire.

If you use it, she’ll abuse it. She’s a lover who can two-time.
Now you got stuck, and ya love struck.
Get yourself away believe me she’s the perfect crime

No there ain’t a cure, you know its gonna backfire.
Only fools are sure, and I’m sure its gonna backfire.

Her bark is all bite.
Take my advice.
Don’t even think twice.

It’s all gonna backfire.

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