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No matter how you fancy your campouts, there is probably a camper you’ll like covered in this travel trailer and camper video.
If you’re the truck-bed camper type, then the sharp Supertramp Flagship LT may be right up your alley. Then again, the camper car enthusiasts looking for some compact fun may take a liking to the Honda Element Micro Camper System. And stick around until later if you want to see more of the self-proclaimed “most powerful travel trailer on Earth”!
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00:00 Intro
00:42 Supertramp Flagship LT
01:43 Dailycamper
02:49 Honda N-Van
04:00 Honda Element Micro Camper System
05:03 Rocket Mountain Camper
06:15 Truckhouse BCT
07:28 Living Vehicles Luxury Trailer
08:51 Stella Vita

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