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Find Out If You’re the Best YouTube Detective With 14 Riddles

When watching detective movies, you probably guess the bad guys’ names before the detectives do, exclaiming, “Come on, it’s easy!” Well, you can test your logic and intelligence by solving these 14 detective riddles. Unleash your inner Sherlock and learn right now whether you would have been a good detective. Btw, these puzzles might seem easy but in fact, are super hard to crack.

If you collect 1-4 points, you’re a detective in training. You have a good potential, but you still need to work on your reasoning. If you have 5-8 points, you’re junior detectives! You’ve got a nice hunch, but it doesn’t work all the time. And if you get 8-12 points, then you’re the best YouTube detective out there and we’re assigning you to more difficult cases in the future!

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