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How To Crate Train a Puppy | Chewtorials

Creating a safe space for your pup to feel cozy and secure is always a top priority. That’s why crate training them is key. It’ll give them a sense of security whether you’re home or out and about. Plus, it can prevent all kinds of chewing troubles and potty-training issues.

Here’s how to crate train a puppy:

First, pick the crate style and size that’ll suit your pup best. Lots of pet parents choose wire crates for plenty of air flow, which is helpful for pups with longer coats and those living in hotter climates. Next, place the crate in a central location. One where you and your pup can keep eye contact, so they know you’re there if they need you for anything. Then, coax your pup inside, toss them a tasty treat and bring on the toys, like some cool chews or puzzles. Keep it going, increasing their crate time, along with their treats and toys. Finally, try heading out and about for a while. Leaving your puppy at home is ok, when do it the right way. But don’t crate them for longer than they can “hold it.” Usually, an hour for each month of age. Try to keep it at four hours tops.

Follow these simple steps and crate training a puppy will be a piece of cake.

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