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How To Litter Train a Rabbit | Chewtorials

Learning how to litter train a rabbit is beneficial in so many ways. It helps you track their health, makes cleanup much easier and gives them a safe place to take care of their business.

First thing to do is gather your supplies. You’ll need a large litter box with at least one low edge for easy entry and exit, timothy hay, wood stove pellets or compressed paper bedding, plenty of treats and cleaner spray. Next, find a place for the box that’s close to where they’ve already been relieving themselves. Could be the corner of the room where you typically leave hay out for them. Then, set up the litter box with either a layer of wood stove pellets inside, or compressed paper bedding. When you’ve done all that, put your rabbit inside, give them some tasty treats, or feed them some fluffy pieces of hay. Finally, if you see them going outside the box, get them back inside quickly to avoid accidents and remember to change their bedding daily.

Just keep following these simple steps, and you’ll be a rabbit liter training pro in no time.

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